Have you ever wondered what
makes some children thrive
while others seem to struggle?

Bragging is not very becoming. So…

we let you do it for us! Come see what people are saying about Picture Walk!


“Helping a child become a lifetime reader, for learning and enjoyment, is a formidable task. You have the formula. INSPIRATIONAL!”

Librarian, International Reading Association Conference

“Really enjoyed the sessions”

“Really enjoyed the sessions, informative, breezy, passionate, articulate, founded on research, interactive, conversational, humorous, these are some words that come to mind to describe the learning...”

Teacher at The Hamlin School, San Francisco CA

“She was very inspiring”

“ust a note to let you know how much I enjoyed Diane’s presentations. She was very inspiring; I came away with so many ideas that I’d like to try next year. My take away was, ‘Don’t monkey with the story—read it as it is written!”

Teacher at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, Moraga CA


“I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable Diane’s advice has been to me, both as a parent and as a librarian.”

Librarian at La Jolla County Day School, CA

“an inspiring take on reading”

“Diane’s presentation, both a welcome and inspiring take on reading and talking with adolescents, showcased the opportunities books offer to connect with our children at this exciting stage of their lives.”

Parents Coalition of Bay Area High Schools

“Diane is amazing”

“I am an educator and the mother of two young children and I came away from Diane’s presentation on Strategic Literacy with more tools than I went in with and that feels good.  Diane is amazing and I hope she returns to our community.”

Early Childhood Literacy Community professional,  New Haven CT

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