Diane Frankenstein, Author
of Reading Together Presents
Picture Walk

I’m Diane Frankenstein and I want to personally welcome you Picture Walk.

For decades, I’ve traveled the world talking with parents, teachers, and students in order to perfect the all-encompassing learning technique, Picture Walk.

Picture Walk’s conversational reading technique has been used all over the world and it has been praised by Martha Stewart, Parent & Child Magazine, Childhood Matters and many more. But the true testament to this incredible product is the success of those who use it. And now—for the first time—it is available to the wider public!

I hold a Masters Degree in Children’s Literature and Language Arts and have worked in the field of Strategic Literacy for over 25 years. I specialize in early childhood education and literacy training for all ages and provide school communities – parents, teachers, and librarians, as well as individual families, and private organizations – the tools, resources, and knowledge to help children acquire strong fluency and comprehension skills.

Additionally, I've published an award-winning book (Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise A Child who Loves to Read) on the wide-ranging benefits of conversational reading and now--I am proud to say that I am bringing the fruits of my labor directly to you with Picture Walk.

But what I would like you most to know about me is that I have 2 adult sons and we have continued the habit we began long ago, of having conversations about what matters, whether that conversation comes from something we read or from an experience. I attribute the close relationship I have with my 2 adult sons to that habit.

As much as I love books (and I do love books!), I love most the conversations that come from a book. I hope you sincerely enjoy Picture Walk and I look forward to hearing your stories about how this method made a difference in your family.


Diane Frankenstein

Why I Started Picture Walk

In the beginning my work focused on helping parents and children find what to read, showing them how to get more from their reading experience and discover the excitement and pleasure of reading. Early on I realized something was missing—putting the right book in a child’s hands was not enough. Reading is more than just reading words. I realized for children to become good readers, they needed to talk about a story to better understand what they read. Reading makes a book come to life and conversations make a reader come to life.

However, I soon came to see that something larger and more important was happening. The conversations parents were having with their children about a book were changing the way they spoke with their children in general. These conversations created a stronger parent-child bond based on the habit of talking about what matters—sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. I personally experienced the benefits of this type of communication with my own sons who are now adults. We have developed a lifelong habit of talking about what matters, a habit that grew out of the experience of PW when they were young.

Over the years, my work has taken me to many countries and I have found that the principles that support my work are equally applicable to most cultures. Parents the world over aspire to develop close and productive relationships with their children and they know that strong literacy skills in one of the best predictors of a child’s future success. Similarly, PW has worked for people of every class, race, age and profession as it has proven to meet the needs of all parents.

My work began by the desire to help children acquire strong literacy skills and that is one of the byproducts of PW. But to me the most important benefit was the intimate bond we established. There is not a day that goes by that I don't hear from parents who tell me how the PW method informed their parenting. Being a parent is the biggest and most important job anyone will ever have and parents need all the help they can get. In the end, parents have the greatest influence over their child. I am delighted and honored to be able to help parents be the best they can be and feel more satisfied in their role as parents. Let’s begin our journey and I assure you, it will be both a pleasurable and rewarding experience.